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Damage Policy

Please be advised that a condition of occupancy at Best Western Geelong is that the person holding responsibility for occupying the room will be held liable for any loss or damage to the premises and/or its contents that they or other persons staying in the room might cause. Best Western Geelong understands that guests will inevetably, through either accident, recklessness or intent, cause damage to fixtures, fittings, contents and other aspects of our property & premises. Please be assured that management will assess each & every incident on its merits to determine & understand how the damage occurred and its extent. For accidental minor damage, Best Western Geelong will make our best endeavours to quickly repair/replace at the least possible cost (if any) to the guest. For more serious damages, please be advised that you will be fully responsible for Best Western Geelong's out-of-pocket costs for repairs, replacements and any lost revenue we may incur as a result of the room being out-of-order. Please be advised that the credit card provided at time of booking and/or check-in will be used by Best Western Geelong as the guarantee of damages payment and we reserve the right to charge such. It is managements intent to quickly repair/replace so as to allow both in-house & new arriving guests the comfort & enjoyment they expect. Our experience has been that quick & prompt self-reporting of damages in most cases results in an amicable & lowest cost outcome.