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Cancellation Policy

Best Western Geelong Standard Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy has been designed so as to limit the financial damage caused to Best Western by clients that "no-show", cancel or depart early without giving reasonable notice whilst considering that there may at times be events that are beyond the control of either party that may make it difficult for a client to arrive or cancel within a reasonable time. 

Cancellation, no-show and early departure fees and/or charges will be considered so as to reflect Best Western Geelong's reasonable costs and expected and/or realised loss of revenue resulting from the cancellation, no-show or early departure. In most instances a minimum cancellation fee equal to one nights accommodation rate plus any associated additional charges and/or costs will be applicable. Additional nightly rate charges and ancilliary costs may also apply. Clients are advised to refer to their confirmation emails for specific terms and conditions regarding accommodation bookings. Should any doubt exist, the cancellation terms and conditions within the confirmation email will be the guiding terms.

In the event that a confirmation email for direct hotel bookings has not been issued a standard cancellation of 24 hours notice prior to 2 pm on day of arrival will apply with a charge equal to the first nights accommodation rate. For all other channel bookings the cancellation terms and conditions of the third party channel shall apply. Same day arrival reservations will be non-cancellable/non-refundable. 

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn can strictly only cancel, shorten or ammend bookings that have been made directly with the hotel. All other reservations need to be cancelled or ammended via the same channel that the reservation was booked (this includes all third-party on-line travel agents such as, but not limited to, Booking.com, Expedia, Wotif, Best Western.com, Best Western Central Reservations, Agoda). Best Western Geelong will not accept any responsibility for cancelling or ammending reservations made via third-party booking channels. Directly booked reservations may be cancelled or ammended with Best Western Geelong via telephone, email or in-person. A cancellation number will be provided at the time of cancellation and this should be retained as proof of cancellation. Please note that a cancellation number may not be provided for reservations that are cancelled inside the penalty cancellation time-period. The issuance of a cancellation number inside the penalty cancellation time-period does not remove any cancellation penalty obligations. Proof of cancellation may be requested and required by Best Western Geelong - without which appropriate charges will apply.

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn reserves the right to charge a cancellation or any other penalty at any time. Such charges may apply at any time pre, during or post the cancelled reservation dates. Best Western Geelong also reserves the right to charge full or partial cancellation penalties in varying amounts until it has been determined that the appropriate cancellation debt has been settled. Unless agreed between both parties, notice will not be provided on when cancellation charges will be processed.

Applicable cancellation penalties will be charged to the method of payment provided as a guarantee of arrival at time of booking or at any subsequent time thereafter. In most instances this will be the credit card provided at the time of booking or subsequently thereafter however other cancellation payment methods may also be utilised.

Cancellations and ammendments may be made free-of-charge at any time outside the advised cancellation penalty time-period. For clarification purposes, the arrival time period will be considered as 2 pm on the date of arrival, and the 24, 48, 72 hours, etc cancellation time periods will count back from such time.

In the event that cancellation needs to be made inside the penalty cancellation period we strongly advise and recommend that you contact Best Western Geelong and/or your third-party booking agent as soon as possible. Early action might allow Best Western to minimise, ammend or waive applicable fees and charges.  Best Western Geelong will fairly consider both parties circumstances in considering applicable cancellation penalties. Please be advised that a number of business financial factors need to be assessed by Best Western Geelong in considering all costs and potential/realised loss of revenues as a result of late cancelled, no-show and early departure bookings that have been held in good faith. Best Western Geelong reserves the right to apply full or partial cancellation charges according to its assessments of reasonable out-of-pocket costs and potential/realised loss of revenues. Best Western Geelong understands and empathises that guest health, mechanical and other travelling factors outside a guests control may impact a guests ability to stay as planned. Whilst guest personal circumstances will always be fairly and reasonably considered no such factor will necessarily be taken as an absolute reason to waive full or partial cancellation, no-show or early departure fees. Best Western Geelong assures it will act in good faith and in a fair and reasonable conscience when assessing the circumstances applicable to both parties and any subsequent denial of cancellation, early departure or no-show refunds, should such occur, is not meant as a reflection of any lack of consideration in our genuine care and empathy of our guest individual circumstances.

Best Western Geelong holds guests accountable and responsible for checking their individual reservation arrangements. This applies to bookings made both directly and via third party channels. The booking confirmation email will be considered as the guest travel dates. Any date errors or ommissions remain the responsibility of the guest to identify and correct accordingly.

Please be advised that third-party agent costs and restrictions will at times take full cancellation refunds out of Best Western Geelong's  control. In this instance full or partial charges and/or possible alternative transfer of dates may or may not be able to apply.